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Mueller and Mico is dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of a wide range of elevator accessories, and our 20 years of experience, advanced production technology and state-of-the-art production equipment enable us to offer reliable yet cost-effective control solutions for commercial elevators, freight elevators, passenger elevators, sightseeing elevators, bed elevators and escalators. Our elevator control cabinet, frequency converter and communication board are provided at a reasonable price, and they could deliver satisfying performance with simple operation, making them highly appreciated by elevator manufacturers, elevator maintenance teams and real estate service companies. Aside from these products, other elevator and escalator accessories are also available, such as elevator car, car operating panel, hall operating panel, LCD display, dot matrix display, suspended ceiling, push button, etc.

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Main products
    1. Elevator Controller Cabinet (VVVF Lift Drive)

      Despite of its simple structure and small size, our elevator controller offers superior ride quality, and it is ideal for conventional elevators and machine-room-less elevators.

    1. Elevator Controller Cabinet (Lift Controller for Serial Communication)

      Elevator control cabinet adopts CAN bus serial communication method, so there are fewer cable cores, leading to lower wiring cost and more reliable running of the elevator.

    1. Escalator Controller Cabinet

      Escalator control system boasts low power consumption, and it starts slowly, generating little impact to local power grid. In addition, it has many working/control modes.

    1. Elevator Group Control Board

      Group control system uses a signal relay circuit and a power relay circuit to control CAN bus and power supply signals respectively, and it supports both simplex control and group control.

    1. Microcontroller

      Due to its unrivalled reliability, competitive price and user-friendly interface, our elevator microcontrollers have been used by dozens of elevator maker in China, and they are the preferred choice for upgrading existing systems.

    1. Elevator Cabin

      For example, we make use of different patterns as many as possible so as to make the cab interior aesthetically beautiful, while modern decorative materials and processing techniques are also adopted to offer a better look.

    1. Color LCD Display

      Elevator information display is compatible with text, image and video, and it is fitted with a SD card, allowing users to change background image, music or video.

    1. Elevator Button

      Elevator push button is very sensitive, indicating that it will respond correctly and immediately when being pushed without the risk of getting blocked.