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Elevator Controller Cabinet (VVVF Lift Drive)

Mueller & Mico is a prominent elevator accessory provider in China, and this elevator controller cabinet is a kind of VVVF lift drive that can be used as industrial elevator controller, commercial elevator controller or residential elevator controller.

Technical Data of Elevator Controller Cabinet
1. Rated speed: ≤4m/s
2. Power range: 5.5-45kW
3. Input voltage: 360-480V, 50/60Hz
4. Allowed elevator number of a group: ≤8
5. Max. floors: 64
6. Size: 1300×450×180mm
7. Other function: Remote monitoring
8. Applicable elevator type: Passenger elevator, freight elevator, residential elevator, panoramic elevator, hospital bed elevator

1. This integrated elevator control cabinet makes use of a 32-bit ARM7 CPU and a Hitachi chip which is dedicated for frequency inverter, and it can work together with 3-phase AC asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor.
2. Our elevator controller cabinet adopts CAN bus, and there are some optional functions, like parallel communication, group control, remote monitoring and emergency rescue, thus enabling elevators to run in a safer and more reliable way.
3. Thanks to the simple human-machine interface, it is very easy for operators to control elevators. Moreover, a distance-based control method is employed to realize direct landing with high leveling accuracy, and its speed curve is very smooth.
4. Despite of its simple structure and small size, our elevator controller offers superior ride quality, and it is ideal for conventional elevators and machine-room-less elevators.

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