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Elevator Controller Cabinet (Lift Controller for Parallel Communication)

Fitted with specialized frequency inverter and microprocessor, this elevator controller cabinet is mainly intended for passenger and freight elevators with 8 landings or less. It uses parallel communication and four-wire system to offer reliable control, so it is also known as lift controller for parallel communication or parallel elevator control cabinet.

Technical Data of Elevator Controller Cabinet
1. Rated speed: ≤4m/s
2. Power range: 5.5-30kW
3. Input voltage: 360-480V, 50/60Hz
4. Max. floors: 8
5. Size: 167×53×28cm
6. DC24V COM positive
7. Applicable elevator type: Passenger elevator and freight elevator

1. Owning to the user-friendly interface and easy installation method, operators will find it very simple to deal with our elevator controller.
2. This elevator drive supports car calls and hall calls, and it is compatible with manual doors, automatic doors and opposite through doors. Moreover, car location is revealed in BCD code, Gray code or seven-segment code.
3. Our elevator controller cabinet supports single speed, dual speed and VVVF speed control, and it is the ideal choice for passenger elevators and freight elevators.

If you are interested in elevator control cabinet, elevator communication board or frequency inverter, please refer to corresponding pages to get detailed information.

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