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Escalator Controller Cabinet

Aside from various elevator controllers, Mueller & Mico also manufactures escalator controller cabinet to work with new escalators or retrofit existing escalator systems.

Technical Data of Escalator Controller Cabinet
1. Rated speed: ≤0.5m/s
2. Power range: 5-15kW
3. Input voltage: 3P, 50/60Hz, AC 200-230V or AC 360-380V
4. Machine room temperature range: +10℃~+45℃
5. Safety standard: GB16899
6. Size: 500×720×250mm
7. Color: Blue, light grey, dark grey or customized colors

1. Our escalator controller is equipped with specialized frequency inverter and control system, and it takes advantage of a monitor board to keep an eye on the safety switch.
2. CAN bus communication is adopted between main board and car operating panel, thus reducing cabling and therefore the risk of malfunction.
3. The escalator controller cabinet is able to detect the speed of escalators, so running speed won’t be out of control even if equipment failure occurs. Moreover, there is a safety circuit, and it helps to ensure safe working of the escalator.
4. This escalator control system boasts low power consumption, and it starts slowly, generating little impact to local power grid. In addition, it has many working/control modes.

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