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Elevator IC Card Management System

Mueller and Mico is a specialized elevator accessory supplier, and our elevator IC card management system is intended to manage elevators in an intelligent manner, thereby making elevators controllable, manageable and chargeable.

According to information stored in the card, different operations could be performed automatically, like hall calling, car calling, door opening, traffic analysis, fee charging and others. So, this elevator IC card system is widely used for residential and commercial elevators.

Function and Feature
Our elevator IC card management system integrates a number of functions and features together, and some details are listed below.
1. Automatic hall calling
2. Automatic car calling to get to allowed destination floor(s)
3. Automatic fee charging
4. Pricing structure: Monthly flat fee, annual flat fee, or by number of use
5. Avoid repeated card swiping
6. Multi-floor card with permission to several destination floors: For people who have houses in different floors
7. All-floor card with permission to all floors: For property management staff
8. Remove restriction of multi-floor card, allowing users to select destination floor freely
9. Visitor calling
10. Disable management function during manual mode or firefighters’ emergency operation
11. Manage user information, cancel lost cards, add new cards, top up cards, etc.

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