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Voice Announcer

The voice announcer is a digital message announcer designed specifically for elevator applications, and it uses dual CPU, dedicated voice IC as well as high speed signal processing system to give precise announcements without misinformation.

1. Our elevator voice announcer only measures 80×75×20mm in size, so it allows easy installation.
2. All messages are played in English, Chinese or other customer-specified languages, while background music and advertising slogan can be delivered as well. Moreover, users are allowed to record/change announcement information and background music according to their needs.
3. The voice announcer supports different audio formats including mp3, wma, wav and others, while music and other pre-programmed messages are played in a clear, loud and natural voice due to the implementation of leading-edge MP3 decoder, professional power amplifier and high quality loudspeaker.
4. For this elevator speech announcer, a SD memory card is used to help users modify and store information in a convenient way, and a DC12V power supply is built-in to facilitate use.
5. Our elevator announcer is designed to collect information when necessary so as to indicate the status and position of elevator, and it offers 2 signal collection methods.

Owing to these properties, our voice announcer is particularly suitable for commercial elevators and panoramic elevators. If you are interested in these elevator speech units or other accessories, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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