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Elevator Communication Board

    1. Elevator IC Card Management SystemAccording to information stored in the card, different operations could be performed automatically, like hall calling, car calling, door opening, traffic analysis, fee charging and others. So, this elevator IC card system is widely used for residential and commercial elevators.
    1. Voice AnnouncerAll messages are played in English, Chinese or other customer-specified languages, while background music and advertising slogan can be delivered as well. Moreover, users are allowed to record/change announcement information and background music according to their needs.
    1. Elevator Monitoring SystemThis elevator management tool boasts excellent confidentiality since administrator rights, IDs and passwords of the communication controller can be set, making it ideal for commercial and residential elevators.
    1. Elevator Group Control Board

      Group control system uses a signal relay circuit and a power relay circuit to control CAN bus and power supply signals respectively, and it supports both simplex control and group control.

    1. Microcontroller

      Due to its unrivalled reliability, competitive price and user-friendly interface, our elevator microcontrollers have been used by dozens of elevator maker in China, and they are the preferred choice for upgrading existing systems.


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