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Frequency Inverter

Mueller & Mico is an ISO 9001:2000 certificated elevator accessory supplier in China, and we are focusing on providing both accessories and total solutions for escalators, freight elevators, commercial elevators, sightseeing elevators and hospital bed elevators.

Detailed Information of MC-1DRV Frequency Inverter
1. Type: Vector control frequency inverter
2. Support direct landing and open-loop operation
3. Max. speed: 4m/s
4. Power range: 5.5-45kW, 50/60Hz
5. Min. noise: at tuning frequency (17KHz)
6. Anti-interference: In accordance with EN55011 and EN55022
7. Drive application: Four-quadrant operation
8. Small size, easy testing and automatic calculation of brake distance
9. Compatible with 3-phase AC synchronous motor

On this page, we would like to introduce our MC-1DRV series frequency inverter to global customers. With sensorless vector control, closed-loop vector control and direct torque control, our frequency converter boasts unrivalled control performance, excellent reliability and reliable environmental suitability, thus satisfying various needs.

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