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Elevator Cabin

Scientifically designed and meticulously crafted, our elevator cabin provides a safe and comfortable riding environment for travelers. For example, we make use of different patterns as many as possible so as to make the cab interior aesthetically beautiful, while modern decorative materials and processing techniques are also adopted to offer a better look. In addition, some elevator cars are fitted with mirrors to enhance riders’ sense of space. Owing to these features, this load-carrying unit is ideal for commercial elevators, residential elevators and panoramic elevators.

As a major lift component maker and supplier in China, Mueller & Mico offers a wide range of elevator cabins in different models and designs to match with various buildings, and our product could be customized if corresponding drawings and/or samples are sent to us.

Elevator Cabin Samples
  • MC-Q001
  • MC-Q002
  • MC-Q003
  • MC-Q004
  • MC-Q005
  • MC-Q006
  • MC-Q007
  • MC-Q008

Raw Materials
1. Cab wall: Mirrored, brushed or etched stainless steel
2. Tubular handrail: Stainless steel
3. Cab floor: Marble or stone-effect PVC flooring

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