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Parallel Dot Matrix Display

Mueller &Mico is a China-based elevator control system and lift component provider, and our products are widely used in escalators, commercial elevators, freight elevators, sightseeing elevators, hospital bed elevators, etc. When it comes to elevator display, we would like to introduce our parallel dot matrix display to you, because as a kind of position indicator unit, this LED dot matrix display is able to deliver consistent and stable performance.

Our parallel indicator unit is mainly used to tell the position and going direction of elevators.

1. CPU: High performance industrial grade CPU
2. Communication: Parallel
3. Display: 7 segment code, binary code, BCD code, Gray code
4. Color: Red, orange or blue

Samples of Parallel Dot Matrix Display
  • DPL726
  • DPS726
  • DP69130A
  • DP69123
  • DP69124
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