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Elevator Button

With novel design and compact structure, our elevator button is able to offer reliable performance for a very long time, and it is a great choice for commercial elevators, passenger elevators and panoramic elevators.

Technical Data
1. Rated voltage: DC24V
2. Rated current: 30mA
3. Raw material: Plastics for outer frame, stainless steel for faceplate
4. Light color: Red, orange, blue or white

1. There is a transparent plastic core at the button center, and a special circuit is set beneath the button body so as to give out light, generating a sense of modernization. In addition, the surface of our elevator call button is flat and is covered with stainless steel to make it durable and beautiful.
2. Our elevator push button is very sensitive, indicating that it will respond correctly and immediately when being pushed without the risk of getting blocked.

Elevator Button Samples
  • MC-NPXB-5
  • MC-A07T
  • MC-T
  • MC-D2K-T (ultra thin)
  • MC-D2S-1
  • MC-NH2-T (ultra thin)
  • MC-AK-18 (ultra thin)
  • MC-ARI-P
  • MC-ARI-A-1
  • MC-BCT-2
  • MC-BCT-3
  • OT-E01
  • Coming soon !
  • Coming soon !
  • MC-D2S-1 (ultra thin)
  • Coming soon !
    MC-TVL-06A (ultra thin)
  • Coming soon !
  • Coming soon !
    MC-DNH-B (ultra thin)
  • Coming soon !
    MC-AK07 (ultra thin)
  • Coming soon !
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