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    1. Elevator Controller, Escalator ControllerAs a dedicated elevator control system manufacturer, Mueller & Mico offers a wide range of elevator controller and escalator controller for global customers. Our product supports simplex control, duplex control, group control and remote monitoring
    1. Elevator Communication BoardAccording to information stored in the card, different operations could be performed automatically, like hall calling, car calling, door opening, traffic analysis, fee charging and others. So, this elevator IC card system is widely used for residential and commercial elevators.
    1. Frequency InverterWith sensorless vector control, closed-loop vector control and direct torque control, our frequency converter boasts unrivalled control performance, excellent reliability and reliable environmental suitability, thus satisfying various needs.
    1. Elevator Cabin

      For example, we make use of different patterns as many as possible so as to make the cab interior aesthetically beautiful, while modern decorative materials and processing techniques are also adopted to offer a better look.

    1. COP and HOP (Car Operating Panel, Hall Operating Panel)Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, our landing operating panel (LOP) is deal for commercial elevators, freight elevators and panoramic elevators whose floor number is within 2-30, and it is also applicable for escalators.
    1. Elevator DisplayElevator information display is compatible with text, image and video, and it is fitted with a SD card, allowing users to change background image, music or video.
    1. Elevator CeilingThe elevator suspended ceiling comes in numerous designs, and it has several white translucent diffusers installed in a perforated frame which is made of mirror finish stainless steel. In addition, it has crystal parts as well.
    1. Elevator Button

      Elevator push button is very sensitive, indicating that it will respond correctly and immediately when being pushed without the risk of getting blocked.