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State-of-the-art production equipment is fundamental for any manufacturing plant. For Mueller & Mico, we have introduced advanced production equipment and production technology so as to fabricate high-quality elevator accessories.

Salvagnini flexible machines are the best sheet metal processing equipment available on the market, and corresponding production line fits for both mass production and lean production with high accuracy.

So, our elevator control system and elevator component have some unique functions as briefly demonstrated below.

1. Highly Integrated Intelligent Control System
Since the master CPU and slave CPU is designed to monitor each other interactively, our 32-bit dual CPU greatly increases data processing speed. Moreover, the intelligent microcontroller makes it possible for users to control elevators in a safe, accurate and efficient way.

2. Microprocessor-based Group Control System
a. Up/Down Peak Service: Meet increased demands for upward/downward travel during office starting/leaving time, hotel check-in/check-out time, etc.
b. Psychological Waiting Time Evaluation: Cars are allocated in a way that would minimize passenger waiting time.
c. Strategic Overall Spotting: To reduce passenger waiting time, cars which have finished service are automatically directed to positions where they can respond to predicted hall calls as quickly as possible.

3. Remote Monitoring System
By combining GSM and Internet technologies together, real-time data collecting and transferring are realized, thus making remote monitoring possible for operators.

4. Serial/Parallel Communication
Due to the implementation of serial/parallel communication method, much fewer elevator cables are required, thus enhancing reliability and shortening installation time.

5. Elevator IC Card Management System
With the help of elevator IC card management system, only people with IC card are allowed to use the elevator. In this way, the building will be safer.