Mueller & Mico Elevator Technology Co., Ltd.

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Chancheng Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China

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Contact Person: Mr. James Zhan

As a prominent elevator control system and lift component manufacturer in China, Mueller & Mico tries to provide attentive service and technical support throughout their service life.

1. Individualized Maintenance Schedule
With leading-edge maintenance technology in the industry, we can and are willing to work out an individualized maintenance schedule to help users perform preventative maintenance when necessary, thus maintaining optimal working condition of every elevator.

2. Elevator Function Upgrade
To better meet customers’ demand, elevator function upgrade is offered in order to realize frequency inverter testing, elevator operation management, elevator remote monitoring and other functions.

3. Elevator Modernization Solution
Economical yet practical elevator modernization solution is provided by us to help modernize/retrofit elevators, indicating that more functions are available to bring extra convenience in elevator operation and maintenance.

4. Impeccable Distribution Network
There are sufficient elevator and escalator accessories in our warehouse, and they are delivered to and then stored by our sales agencies spread around the world. So, when there is a problem with the elevator, only a short time is needed to buy corresponding components locally, thus minimizing the elevator’s downtime.

5. Professional Technical Support
With abundant expertise, our technical engineers also strictly obey our service policy, and their service quality is under the inspection of a specialized team. So, professional, timely and attentive service will be delivered all the time.