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As a conscientious supplier of elevator control system and lift component, Mueller & Mico pays special attention to technical innovation because it is vital for sustainable development. Our technical innovation is mainly divided into three aspects which are R&D Management, Software and Hardware.

R&D Management
Technical Innovation

R&D Management: 4 Core Workflows
1. Market Demand Investigation
2. Product Analysis and Design
3. Coding
4. Testing

Software: Excellent R&D Capability
1. Over 20 Years of Experience
2. Over 20 R&D Staff
3. Proven Production Techniques
4. Capable of self developing all elevator components according to customer requirements

Hardware: Advanced Inspection Equipment
1. Grade I Elevator Test Tower (80 meters tall)
2. Universal Testing Machine
3. Logic Analyzer
4. Fatigue Testing Machine (for wire rope)
5. Fatigue Testing Machine (for pulley)
6. Oscilloscope

Owing to our continuous effort to technical innovation, many technical achievements have been made, including:
1. Elevator Group Control Board (for 8 elevators at the most)
2. Elevator IC Card Management System
3. Elevator Display (color LCD display)
4. Escalator Controller Cabinet
5. Elevator Remote Monitoring System
6. Elevator Wireless Monitoring System (on mobile phones)